An FC Barcelona/Real Madrid Starting XI

Much is known about La Liga’s two-horse race and how Barcelona and Real Madrid dominate almost any time they step out on to the field. This article will look at the best possible Starting XI based on current form and overall skill..  The formation is 3-4-2-1


GK: Victor Valdes

Real Madrid have been under much scrutiny recently with their goalkeeping debacle as Casillas, Spain’s number 1, has been benched for all of La Liga. Diego Lopez has been consistent, but has much to prove if he really is to make Casillas a backup. However Victor Valdes has been in scintillating form. Look no further than his performance against Atletico Madrid in the SuperCopa and his performance against Valencia. Although he is prone to mistakes, he is on a great run of form that Barcelona hopes will carry on for the rest of his Barcelona career.

Victor Valdes, Barcelona's Number 1

Victor Valdes, Barcelona’s Number 1


RCB: Varane

The superb defensive displays from this young man have taken La Liga by storm. He was Real Madrid’s star defender in encounters against FC Barcelona and Manchester United to name a few. His heading prowess, his aerial ability, his tackling and his speed are unmatched in all of world football for a player his age.

The World's Ideal Defender

The World’s Ideal Defender


CB: Pique

Although his form is a bit iffy. He has been Barcelona’s stalwart at the back in the absence of his compatriot, Carles Puyol. Puyol has been missing in action for a while now, however his contributions to Pique’s career have left a mark as Pique is close to unbeatable oh his day…

Pique tackling Real Madrid's Best Player

Pique tackling Real Madrid’s Best Player



LCB: Javier Mascherano

Although not a centerback naturally, he has fit wonderfully into that spot and has been used as Puyol’s substitute for a long time. This spot came down to him and Ramos. Ramos has not quite been up to par recently and he is extremely prone to defensive mistakes. Mascherano’s long balls in a team of passers also make him stand out. Although he has little height, he makes up for it with positional awareness,, speed and his tackling that is second to none.

Mascherano, Puyol’s Replacement


DM: Sergio Busquets

Known as being one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, his passing, his reading of the game and deft touches make him one of the first names on the team sheet for both Spain and Barcelona. Although he has come under much scrutiny for his antics, he is a true game-changer when called upon.

Busquets in a Friendly Against Malaysia


RM: Isco

Isco, one of Real Madrid’s star signings  has been arguably Real Madrid’s best player up to date. He has been in great form and has fit in seamlessly with his Spanish counterparts. His vision, passing, shooting and skills made him a catalyst for Spain’s U-21 side alongside former Barcelona starlet Thiago Alcantara.  Real Madrid payed the player’s full buyout clause to acquire his services and have got the future of Spain’s midfield on their hands.

Isco celebrating his goal in Real Madrid’s first game of the season.

LM: Andres Iniesta

The scorer of Spain’s world-famous golden goal, the midfielder has become an irreplaceable player for both club and country. His dribbbling rivals that of Messi and his vision and passing is just as good as Xavi. His ability to play quick one-twos and interchange with his teammates make him a world-beater. The former European Player of the Year has proved unstoppable for so many defenses over the years and you can expect to make an impact every time he steps on the pitch.

Iniesta, the World’s Best Midfielder


CAM: Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas has kick started his season in stunning fashion. He already has five assists to his name. Half of what he achieved last season and we are only in the first month! Fabregas has the eye for that killer pass, for the final ball. With teammates like Messi, Neymar and Pedro to finish, expect him to rack up the assists this season. His ability to play alongside Iniesta and Xavi and compliment their talents make it obvious why Arsenal considered him so valuable and why Barcelona wanted him back.

Cesc in pre-season

LW: Neymar 

Neymar has got off to great start. His goal was instrumental in Barcelona winning their first title of the season. He brings more speed, skill width and technical  ability to a Barcelona squad that already is stacked. His attacking instincts justify his price tag and his skill is reminiscent of Ronaldinho.  Him and Messi could prove to be an unstoppable force.

Neymar Jr Celebrating his First Official Goal for His New Club.

ST: Cristiano Ronaldo

Although not much of a striker, he has played there before and has been quite phenomenal in that position. He is the perfect athlete. Unbelievable sprinting speed, a fantastic jump, a powerful kick and a goal scoring instinct that only can be matched by one man. Although his form has been iffy, his presence on the pitch alone make the players around him better.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s Star

RW: Lionel Messi

The best player in the world. He breaks records every month and keeps getting better. As he slowly approaches his peak, defenders cower at the thought of facing him. Every season, he brings a new attribute that makes him better than last season. People said he can’t kick with his right foot, he fixed it. They said he can’t take free kicks, he fixed it. They said he can’t perform for Argentina, well he has been flawless under Sabella. Fans pay just to watch him and never fails to amaze us with his skill and prowess on the pitch.

The Best Player on The Planet


Well, there you have it. A collection of players from arguably two of the best teams out there. Although this will change throughout the season, the El Clasico in October is something the world is looking forward to.








2 thoughts on “An FC Barcelona/Real Madrid Starting XI

  1. I would replace Varane with Sergio Ramos. Varane has impressed greatly in the big games in the Champions League and against Barcelona, but I don’t think he’s better than Ramos.

  2. Overall yes, but I felt that Varane would do better than Ramos on that side specifically because his speed and tackling ability would be pit against some speedy left-wingers. Had I picked a 4-player backline, Ramos would have taken his spot, yes. I really appreciate the insight though…

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