5 Things We Learned From Matchday 1 Of The UEFA Champion’s League

    Jose Mourinho will come under a lot of scrutiny

Another loss, another match Juan Mata spends on the bench. Juan Mata could easily have changed the outcome of this match. He was widely regarded as one of the best players in the Premier League last season. His intricate passing and fantastic finishing could have aided the hosts greatly in this fixture. However Jose Mourinho’s decision to bench the star playmaker could result in another early bow out of the UEFA Champion’s League.

Form World Beater to Bench Warmer

Form World Beater to Bench Warmer

    Group F will be a joy to watch

A group that is widely considered the Group of Death had a fantastic Matchday 1. A shock victory for Napoli took down the German Champion’s League finalists, with the score being 2-1. It was a close match that really was poorly arbitrated, and Jurgen Klopp had a few choice words that didn’t settle very well with the assistant. Whereas in Marseille, a Theo Walcott volley and a fantastic run of form for Aaron Ramsey proved too much for the French outfit.

Arsene, a Man with a Plan

Arsene, a Man With a Plan

  Fellaini fits well with Manchester United

Marouane Fellaini made his UEFA Champion’s League debut in a fascinating match at Old Trafford where Manchester United ended up victorious by four goals to two. The Belgian made the most out of the opportunity, taking some pressure off Michael Carrick whilst also making great tackles and linking well with the front four. Expect him to have an influence over the team and his performance was unfortunately clouded by two sitters comically missed by Rooney and RVP.

Fellaini, United’s New Midfielder

   Casillas can’t catch a break

Casillas finally started an important match for Real Madrid. Then he was subbed off 14 minutes later. The Real Madrid icon has been subject to treatment from Ancelotti that resembled how Mourinho treated him last year. However, the captain has accepted the situation and has continued to fight very hard for his spot on the team. So when he gets his chance, Sergio Ramos elbows him and injures his ribs. It must be hard not to feel sympathetic for him.

The World’s Best Keeper Picked Up Another Injury

  The favourites have been established

Not a lot has changed over the past 5 years or so, and the favourites have been clearly established even after only one match-day. The favourites include FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund. Although Dortmund have not gotten off to the most sparkling of starts, they still remain contenders. The other 4 have all won their respective matches with Bayern Munich and Barcelona keeping clean sheets.

Messi Strikes a Gorgeous Freekick Onto The Post

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