Crucial Weekend For Manchester United…

This weekend will prove to be one of Manchester United’s most important couple of days in the last decade of the club. A game against a Chelsea side that are racking up the wins, and are only sitting 2 points adrift the leaders, may be one of the deciding factors in Manchester United’s season.








They have been struggling of late, and are 5 points behind a Liverpool side in their pomp. If Manchester United were to lose this weekend, the could face being 8 points behind Liverpool in the last Champions League spot with only 16 games to go, which could prove to be too much even for the famed comeback kings. However, a win could boost morale in the squad significantly, and restore some of the lost belief that they are a major challenger in the Premier League.

This will also be a massive weekend for David Moyes, who is in need of some space from the limelight, and a win against Chelsea would be a huge proverbial feather in his cap, as he has never won away to any of the famed ‘Big Four’ in his time at both Everton and manchester United. However, should Manchester United lose there will be an enormous amount of pressure put on his shoulders to deliver. It is imperative that Manchester United qualify for the Champions League this season, anything else will be viewed as a very big disappointment, and losing to Chelsea may make a Champions League too far to reach for the champions.

The Champions League is important for many reasons, and is viewed by many as the holy grail of football, and it is the competition that every top player wants to compete in. Losing a Champions League spot may mean losing some of their world class talent, such as Rooney, to potentially their rivals in the Premier League, and to other major teams across Europe.

There would also be a big problem in attracting world class talent, as Liverpool found out when they dropped out of the top 4, and with the challenge of rebuilding a squad it may take a long time to qualify for the Champions League.

There will also be a huge problem financially for the club. Manchester United has already seen a 16% drop in its stock price since David Moyes was appointed in May, lowering the clubs value by £300 million, and dropping out of the Champions League would surely lower it even more. They are making a huge amount with commercial deals, such as the new shirt deal with nike valued at £300 million for the next 5 seasons, which will break the clubs record. However, they can’t expect to keep making these sorts of deals if they drop out of the Champions League as they wont have the attraction to fans that they once had.

All these problems show just how important the Champions League is to top clubs, and shows just how desperately Manchester United need to be in it next season. The time for improved results has to come now for them, or it could simply be just to late for them, either way this will be a very crucial weekend for Manchester United

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