Why This Season Is So Important For Bayern Munich

        The past year-and-a-half or so have been fantastic for the German giants. To say it was great would be an understatement. They won the treble, signed one of the world’s best managers in Josep Guardiola, and have had unprecedented success in the transfer market. With young Thiago Alcantara, they have guaranteed midfield prowess for years to come. Of course, adding the young genius in Mario Gotze has also helped their cause. Although they seem to be on the brink of parting ways with Brazilian Luiz Gustavo, their squad possesses depth that is untouchable in all of world football. So why is this season so important?
Pep Guardiola, the man who brought a style of football that many are trying to replicate, takes over the great Jupp Heynckes. Heynckes brought great success to Bayern in his last season in charge, but was forced into retirement due to the arrival of Barcelona’s brilliant tactician. He brings with him a style that is quite frankly unparalleled. The quick short passes, the high fullbacks and intense pressure brought this man 6 trophies in his first season in charge of the Catalans. With Bayern however, he faces an entirely different monster. He has at his disposal a vast group of players all hungry for playing time and would easily achieve it at any other club. How Pep rotates his players and keeps them all happy with their playing time along with maintaining the chemistry within the squad will be key to Bayern’s success. After looking deeper, he failed to keep Ibrahimovic happy, thus resulting in one of Barcelona’s most expensive flops. Besides, Guardiola isn’t the creme of the crop in the transfer market. He has experienced multiple failures like Ibrahimovic, Chygrynsky, Kerreison, and Martin Caceres. Despite this, his reliance in youngsters, as seen with Busquets and Pedro, can be quite magnificent. Bayern are too good of a club to settle for anything less than the best.
       The transfer market has been quite kind to Bayern, although their purchases have been quite controversial  Getting Gotze, the future of German football, was an absolute steal on their part. He guarantees great offensive production for many years. However the purchase of Thiago Alcantara has caused mixed emotions all over Europe. On one hand, they get a brilliant, young midfielder who has the vision and skill to be a world beater. Not to mention his upbringing in Barcelona’s pass-hungry academy.

Thiago Alcantara in his debut

Thiago Alcantara in his debut

On the other hand, Thiago left Barcelona for the sole reason of playing time. During pre-season, Thiago has mainly been deployed in the holding midfield position. In Guardiola’s hybrid 4-1-4-1 system, this calls for one holding midfielder. There is no way, that Schweinsteiger will be okay with being benched in favor of Thiago. Guardiola also has experimented with Lahm in that role, too. This could lead to Thiago eventually feeling the same way he did in Barcelona.

     If Guardiola has a successful season, an era of dominance will enter, similar to FC Barcelona since of 2009. This era will essentially bring German football to the pinnacle of club football and will  inject fear into the hearts of their opponents. Failure this season, could put Guardiola in a rebuilding project.As for now, kick back and prepare yourself for an absolute brawl for club football supremacy.

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