Why Can Nobody Satisfy Abramovich?

It’s fair to say that this article has been inspired by the recent and still shocking sacking of Chelsea’s Roberto Di Matteo. But what this article hopes to focus on, is why Roman Abramovich (Chelsea owner for anyone that didn’t already know) insists on repeatedly sacking managers who aren’t performing incredibly badly.

Take the most recent example Di Matteo. He stepped in after Andre Villas-Boas was sacked due to a lack of recent successes at the club, this is one of the decisions I understand. He was only in place as a caretaker manager, but seemed to exceed common expectation winning his first three matches with ease, one that is well-known was the 4-1 victory over Napoli, coming back from a 3-1 defeat during the first leg. That result secured Chelsea’s place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. He then went on to continue his incredible form and won both the FA Cup and the Champions League, although he didn’t succeed in the Premier League with the club finishing 6th. He was also described as the “greatest caretaker manager of all time” by several commentators.

But for some reason it doesn’t matter to Abramovich if Chelsea are doing well at 3rd place in the Premier League. Due to one lousy result at Juventus (3-0), Di Matteo has been brutally sacked, and now Chelsea are soon to announce his replacement. I don’t think anyone knows what is truly going through his mind, but maybe he is searching for the one manager that will never lose a game?

And who can forget the legendary “special one” Jose Mourinho, who won more titles at Chelsea than any other during his management (six trophies in three years). The news told us he left due to mutual consent but we all know that Abramovich couldn’t handle an ego as big as his own in the form of Mourinho. This has been known as one of the poorest decisions made by a club, and the fans are still now begging for his return.

Now we can expect to see another face soon on the Chelsea touchline but who knows how long this one will last. Some fans may see this as a time to stop being so merciless to almost every manager, but Abramovich’s mind may not change for however long he stays in charge. For the past nine years, Abramovich has gotten rid of eight managers (Avram Grant and Carlo Ancelotti being some of the other names that people may remember) and not one of them has seemed to reach the ever challenging expectations. So the real question we have to ask now is, will anyone?

By James Trickey

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