Top Ten Transfers So Far This Season

10. Kevin Mirallas

Kevin Mirallas has proven himself to be vital to Everton’s attack this season and an excellent addition to the previously weak collection of forwards Everton were in control of. Even though he’s only scored once so far, he’s managed to be the starting point for many of Everton’s recent goals, whilst not breaking the bank at the same time. I feel he will start to show up more in the future as he begins to settle in more comfortably.

9. Steven Fletcher

Steven Fletcher hasn’t been noticed by many but to the observant few he has made a significant impact to the Sunderland strike force. Scoring 6 goals so far and being the equal 5th top scorer along with Fellaini, Dzeko and Tevez he has contributed massively and is probably one of the only reasons Sunderland are out the relegation zone. The only downside is the cost which was a hefty £14 million for the 26 year old.

8. Arouna Koné

Although some may laugh at how close his name is to that of Joseph Kony (the child stealer) Koné has been at the forefront of Wigan’s attacking power for the past few matches now. Being such a presence in the box, he takes his chances and although they don’t always go in, when they do they are often the winning goal. With 4 goals and 2 assists so far he can be seen as a reliable opportunity maker for Wigan.

7. Eden Hazard

He has to be in here somewhere and I can think of no better place to put him than here at number seven, due purely to the fact that he cost a whopping 32 million and that he was expected to be such an outstanding player. He looks incredibly dangerous every time he’s on the ball and has the ability to create fantastic chances and space within the team, which is evident from his 5 assists. He has also shown that he has an eye for goal racking up 3 so far. Still young, he can continue to have a big impact for many years to come.

6. Jussi Jaskaalainen

Of all the goalkeepers out there Jaskaalainen has to be one of the most outstanding so far. He’s managed to keep West Ham in an extremely good set up to reach a nice mid-table finish, having 5 clean sheets in his 11 games as well as his total of 51 saves so far this season. As a free transfer from recently relegated Bolton, he could be or most certainly is one of the key components to West Ham’s recent success.

5. Miguel Michu

In my opinion the top class Spanish striker hasn’t seen all the recognition he deserves and has been a crucial signing to Swansea, who after Sinclair left, needed just this man to help them get the goals they need to win their matches at a cost of only 2 million. Claiming the fourth highest goals so far with seven goals and an assist to his name you can only foresee the impact he will make in the next few years.

4. Lukas Podolski

Podolski has been ludicrously good for Arsenal so far already scoring 4 goals and having 3 assists, no wonder it took him no time at all to settle in and the fans warmed to him almost immediately. At a cost of 11 million, the skill, speed and an immaculate left foot how can anyone deny that this has been one of the major signings this summer.

3. Dimitar Berbatov

Although some may accuse him of being a lazy player there is no question of a doubt that Berbatov has stepped up to the mark of replacing Dembele and Dempsey effortlessly. For only roughly 5 million, a silky touch and a knack for spotting runs, the Bulgarian has become they fans new favourite with 5 goals and 3 assists in 8 games. I say that I would certainly expect to see him make a large impact on the pitch in the future, so keep an eye out.

2. Santi Cazorla

This Spaniard has attracted attention from both the fans and the media with his impressive performances, and rightly so as he’s versatile, being able to play as a winger or in the midfield and has also scored 4 goals which complimented that nicely with 3 assists. Every time he is seen with the ball he is regarded as potentially deadly with his magnificent combination of speed, creativity and nimbleness. Even if he is slightly expensive he more than makes up for it on the pitch.

1. Robin Van Persie

Was there any doubt when it came to who has claimed the top spot in this article? Robin Van Persie has made an enormous impact on Manchester United’s attacking strength, bolstering it to unimaginable levels alongside the likes of Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez. With 8 goals and 4 assists there is no question as to who has been the biggest signing this summer. Even if this is exactly what is expected of him, his pace and skill visible to all that watch him on the pitch and he is worth every pound of the 24 million paid.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Transfers So Far This Season

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  2. Joe Allen??

    maybe im being a little biased 😛

    I haven’t missed a game this season at Anfield and young Joe has been outstanding. So cool on the ball, slips and slide passes around the park… potential to be the next Xabi Alonso! such a tidy little player

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