Overrated Players In The Premier League- Part One

These are not in any particular order.

20. Gareth Barry

The Manchester City defensive midfielder was supposed to one of the best in his position, when he signed from Aston Villa, in 2009. Having been a hero at Villa, he is now being shifted from the Man City team. He lacks pace, doesn’t really score goals, isn’t a master tackler and there are many better passers. How he managed to get to over 50 caps for England is remarkable, due to the fact he does so little. Truly out of his depth.

19. Bobby Zamora

Another England player that is very overrated; Bobby Zamora should never have been capped for England. During his West Ham years, after failing to impress at Tottenham, Bobby Zamora made his name as a strong target man, able to hold up the ball well, but I think he was never really good enough to play for England (proven by the fact he played only twice). He hasn’t been very good at all at Q.P.R. and continues to be unimpressive.

18. Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson proved himself to be a great prospect while at Sunderland, triggering his transfer to Liverpool, which was thought to be around £16-20 million. Although still young, Henderson was put straight into the Liverpool first team under Kenny Dalglish, and was later capped for England. Although he can find defence splitting passes they are rare and he generally looks lost on the pitch. He has now been dropped under Rodgers but I still feel he makes it onto the list. Hopefully, he will improve in the future, if he isn’t sold.

17. David Luiz

Although quick and capable of moments of greatness, the Brazilian has been prone to making costly mistakes for Chelsea, having a tendency to do stupid things. He can make runs, is a great header of the ball and has a fierce shot, but can be caught out defensively and often makes rash challenges. For all the hype that was made about him and his afro, I think he never quite lived up to standards, although, like Henderson, he has time to improve.

16. Maicon

Haven’t seen much of him this season, due to injury, but from what I have seen, he doesn’t live up to the title “best right back in the world”, that he was given. This was probably before he got demolished by Bale, yet he has always been quite poor defensively. This may be fine in other countries, but in the Premier League, with its fast pace, you often get caught out.

15. Phil Jones

I know there are a lot of Englishmen here, but in general we tend to overrate them a bit. This one I can see being a bit controversial, but I honestly don’t think he is that good. He is still young, but I don’t understand why people think he is all that good. He just seems like an average player to me.

14. Park ji-sung

He works hard, is alright at passing and can make the occasional tackle, but apart from that I don’t think he does much. In my opinion, Manchester United could have done much better in midfield, and for Q.P.R he is just an average player.

13. Jamie Carragher

It pains me to put another Liverpool player on but I think it is time for Jamie to retire. A great, solid centre back for Liverpool over the years – Mr Consistency – but now he is far too slow and doesn’t have the same instincts and reactions as he did before; making some costly mistakes for Liverpool recently, though he still plays. I don’t know if this is out of respect, pressure, or if he genuinely thinks he can do the job (which he did against Chelsea), but I think, sadly, his time is over.

12. Samir Nasri

After having one great year for Arsenal, Nasri moved to Manchester City. He has never performed to that same level again, apart from the occasional game. He’s a great player, but not as good as we all thought, when he left Arsenal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he left Man City in a few seasons time- unless he re-finds the form, which was tearing apart premier league defences with his slick dribbling and precise passing.

11. John Obi-Mikel

Possibly, in my opinion, the most overrated player in the premier league. The Chelsea midfielder has been a regular, since the loaning of Essien to Real Madrid, and played before that as well. He boasts a very high pass completion rate, but that is only because he lays easy passes to nearby, more creative players. For a holding midfielder, he isn’t great at tackling, can’t shoot, and like Barry doesn’t really do much. With the money that  Chelsea have, they should be investing in a more influential player to fill that role.

By Alex Kowszun

(edited by Tom Greenstein)

8 thoughts on “Overrated Players In The Premier League- Part One

  1. “For a holding midfielder, he isn’t great at tackling, can’t shoot”

    I think that statement alone brings down your credibility. Why do you expect a holding midfielder to have a great shot? And surely you don’t have to be a great tackler to be a great holding midfielder. Look at the likes of Claude Makelele who’s great positional sense allows him to intercept and prevent opponents’ from attacking rather than going into a bone crunching tackle ala Stevie G.

    And finally regarding his high pass completion rate: it’s what you desire from a player in his role. He’s got 3-4 highly creative players around him. He is actually the tempo setter in his team, and certainly doesn’t need to boast creativity with the likes of Mata and Hazard around him. It’s funny how nobody says Busquets is overrated even though they’re very similar

    • Those statements don’t go together, they are split by a comma. I’m just listing the things he can’t do. Maybe i should have used semi-colons.

      Anyway I personally feel he doesn’t bring much to the team, apart from laying off passes to other players. But if that is what you want fair enough, I just don’t think they should be rated that highly seeing as pretty much any accomplished footballer can lay a pass to the person next to him. I feel in the role he is playing, where there are creative players in front of him, he should be able to tackle much better than he does. Surely it is better to be able to tackle well than not? And Chelsea can afford someone who does.

      Thanks for the reply, I respect your views, but do you see what i am getting at?

      • Indeed it shouldn’t be hard to pass to the person next to you, but when you look at most teams in the EPL and even the English National Team, sometimes it’s obvious that it’s harder than it seems, especially under concerted pressure. The current Spanish NT is being hailed as one of the best ever and one of their hallmarks is their dedication to possession. I think making the simple pass isn’t as easy as it seems.

        Tackling is one of those high energy actions that automatically makes you look like a brilliant player, along with hollywood long range passes. I think its preferably to prevent danger than being in a position where you’re forced to dispossess a player because of imminent danger

  2. I can’t really agree with a lot of your selections. You’ve mostly picked people who are either (a) young and could still develop to fulfill their potential (Jones, Henderson, Luiz) or old players past their prime (Maicon, Carragher, Park). I think Jones and Luiz will definitely defy your predictions and become very good players, while Henderson is too young to tell.

    Maicon, meanwhile, was without a doubt the best right-back in the world during a large chunk of the period of time while he was at Inter (06-see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsCbXu5it6Y). He displaced Javier Zanetti from the right back role for goodness sake, and started over Dani Alves for Brazil. He’s not “overrated”, he’s just 31 and not as good as he used to be. Happens to even the best players (like Carragher – everyone knows he was great and now he’s old; I don’t think anyone overrates him).

    And Park Ji Sung? He was never hailed as being the best. He’s a solid, versatile player who works extremely hard, and that was useful for Ferguson. See for example when he man-marked Pirlo out of the game for Milan when they played Man.U. in the Champion’s League.

    • Fair point.

      Maicon I wasn’t too sure of because he hasn’t played much and I guess he was cheap, but how he got demolished by Bale and what I have seen of him so far he didn’t seem as good as some say he still is.

      Jones, Henderson, Luiz. All internationals and last season played a lot. Jones and Henderson haven’t played as much (Jones might have been injured) this season but I still feel they are rated. Henderson is playing for England, despite his recognised poor performances in the league last season. Trust me I wouldn’t put him in there if I didn’t feel he had to be.

      Maicon, Carragher, Park. I personally think park has always been overrated. The others, you are right in saying they are declining due to age, but I still feel they are rated reasonably highly. For example people were wondering how QPR signed park along with their other big name signings. Carragher I thought shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team now, but he impressed me in the Chelsea game so credit there.

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