10 Conclusions on Man United vs. Everton

1. Wow, what a game! Any United fan will say that Everton deserved to win the game. Everton completely bullied United into submission, with help from an outstanding Marouane Fellaini who didn’t put a foot wrong. What I found strange in this game though was Everton’s motivation to beat United, they were really fired up for the game and they have been against United for a couple of years now, such as the 4-4 which cost United the title last season, lets hope it continues because it provides a really entertaining spectacle.

2. This game showed the need for United to get a big, strong DM in the mould of a Yaya Toure or even a Fellaini, to give the penetration that United desperately needed. This is because when United, in the past couple of years, has faced an opposition such as Everton with physically strong players, they have been brushed aside too easily. Even if they didn’t play the big guy all the time it would at least give them an option, because at the moment with Kagawa, Cleverley and Scholes their midfield just looks too ‘nice’ and could do with a bit of nastiness injected in.

3. Even though this is the first game of the season and there is no need for panic in Manchester, but they are already 3 points behind strong City and Chelsea teams and if they put another crap performance in, it will be difficult to close the gap.

4. Rooney had an awful game on Monday. So much so, that if van Persie can pick up some form and get some goals, Ferguson will have to grow some balls and put Rooney on the bench. he looked unfit, very slow, he had a crap first touch and his passes were off. I was surprised to see Welbeck come off for van Persie instead of Rooney. Rooney looked very ordinary compared to Kagawa on Monday. Kagawa impressed last night, he is quick, can run at defenders, has a very intelligent footballing brain and a good eye for a pass. Another positive is that he doesn’t roll on the floor every time he gets touched. Playing behind the striker should be where he plays and hopefully stays.

5. What does the starting line up say for Rafael’s future at the club, with only 2 defenders fit in the squad he still couldn’t get into the line up.

6. This match should provide Everton with a lot of belief for the upcoming season. Everyone has wondered previously what Everton could achieve if they started the season as well as they usually finish it. After this win, they could  maybe challenge for Champions League football, with games against Aston Villa, West Brom and QPR in the coming weeks, if they play similarly to last night they may be around the top quarter of the league at November. But they will probably screw it all up.

7. De Gea has progressed a huge amount in the last year, to become one of the best shot-stoppers in the League. Notice how I say shot-stoppers as I think his aerial work in the box is sh*te. It is very entertaining to watch him get rid of the ball, because he does it in such an unorthodox way. Compared to the other side of Manchester where Joe Hart is a very classic orthodox keeper. De Gea at 21 has the potential to become one of the best keepers in the world.

8. Not too much attention should be given to the defensive frailties of United, seeing as it wasn’t a first choice back line with only 2 recognised defenders. But on the other hand Everton’s defending was amazing, especially Jagielka and Hibbert, they gave great tutorials  on how to do proper slide tackles, unlike Paul Scholes who should have been sent off, and Jagielka saved at least two goalscoring chances. He will be pushing Lescott and Terry for a place in the England line up if he carries on like that.

9. Trying to win a header against Fellaini must be a nightmare! He is nearly 2m, very strong and has got a huge afro to block the sight of the ball.

10. All in all it was a great opening round of games and now looking forward to the rest of the season.

By Will Halse

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