Premier League Review For Best Of The Rest

Newcastle 5th

Key Player: Demba Ba

Ba started the season sensationally, scoring 17 goals in the first half of the season, and considering that this is his first year in the Premier League, that is outstanding. Also, he managed to dominate loads of defences with his strength and power, such as Manchester United’s when Newcastle won 3-0. Once he was scoring there was no talk of missing Andy Carroll, with many fans saying that they preferred Ba. Honourable mentions go to his compatriot Cisse (in fact he was very close) and Cabaye, for having great seasons.


What a season for Newcastle! They have performed well above what everyone expected, and have managed to get into the Europa League. They have a strong team, and have been brilliant all season. At the beginning of the season they got rid of four quality players, in Barton, Carroll, Nolan and Enrique. They did some brilliant summer signings and acquired Demba Ba on a free, and Cabaye  relatively cheaply, and haven’t looked back since. However, even though they played brilliantly this season, I don’t think that they will do the same next year, hopefully they will prove me wrong.

Chelsea 6th

Key Player: Juan Mata

Juan Mata has settled into Chelsea very well this season, and was a brilliant signing from Chelsea. He was brought in as part of the transition from old to young, and has managed to stay in the side since AVB left. He started out as a left winger, which he was decent at, but it wasn’t his best position. He then went on to play just behind the front man, and had 19 goals and assists combined in 34 apps this season. He will be a key player for Chelsea for a few years to come. Honourable mentions go to Ramires and Drogba


Chelsea have had a poor season in the league this season, this could be due to their focus on the Champions League though, but still for Chelsea’s standard they should have been finishing in the top four this season. They had a average start to the season under AVB, but midway through the year they went on an awful run which ended up in AVB getting sacked. They started to pick up their performances under Di Matteo though but it still wasn’t enough to finish in the top four. They will need to do a lot better next year.

Everton 7th

Key Player: Sylvain Distin

I have chosen Distin as Everton’s key player because Everton’s defence has been rock solid this year. They finished behind the two Manchester clubs in conceding the least goals this year showing Distin’s value for Everton. He has been a very good defender for a few years now and is part of the the reason why Everton have done so well with the money available to them. I am suprised that Everton have actually managed to keep hold of him as he is a proven premier league defender. Honourable mention goes to Jelavic and Fellaini


Everton have done the same as they have for the last few years now, they started the season poorly this year being 17th in December, with some pundits wondering if this would be the year that Everton would go down, and if the lack of money will have caught up with them, but it seems that it hasn’t. With a few shrewd signings in the summer, especially Jelavic, they did extremely well in the second half of the season. With Jelavic banging in the goals at one end and the solid defence, not many teams could stop them, such as Manchester City, and almost Manchester United, with the 4-4 comeback being one of the highlights of the season for Everton fans. Next year I think that they will need to keep hold of their defence and buy Pienaar back, as well as keep Fellaini. You never know they could push for Europe next year!

Liverpool 8th

Key Player: Martin Skrtel

Skrtel has been a rock at the back for Liverpool this season, resulting in Liverpool finishing behind Everton, and the two Manchester clubs in conceding the least goals this season. He has started most of the season, and because of his good defending it has made Liverpool’s failure in front of goal more conceivable. Without Skrtel, I struggle to see how Liverpool would have been able to finish above 10th this season, seeing as all ‘King Kennys’ summer signings have all failed pretty miserably, maybe apart from Bellamy and Suarez. Honourable mentions should go to Reina, and Suarez.


For what was expected of Liverpool this season they have done shockingly. They spent more than £100 million this summer on English flops, such as Downing who has zero assists and zero goals for this season. They have done worse than Roy Hodgsons team last year, and it is suprising that Dalglish didn’t get sacked earlier on in the season. Although they may have been a tad unlucky in front of goal. I think that next year, if they can get their squad to gel well they will be able to push for Champions League places, maybe signing a couple of good defenders in the transfer window will help.

What do you think?

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