Premier League Review For The Top Four

This is my review of the Premier League season, with Manchester City emerging victors, and Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves going down. This review is in order of positions in the League

Manchester City 1st

Key Player: Vincent Kompany

Can’t look any further than Vincent Kompany for this accolade. He has been rock solid in this position for City this year when they really needed him. They looked like a different team after Man United beat them at the Etihad in January and that could have been down to Vincent Kompany not playing for them. He formed a formidable partnership with Lescott, which should not be broken by new defenders being signed for City.

Overall Season

City have had a very strong season in general. Although some said at the beginning of the season that a team of superstars wouldn’t be ‘able to gel’ they certainly proved it wrong staying unbeaten until mid December. In this season they have outplayed their rivals, Man United, in both games with the 6-1 humiliation at Old Trafford and winning 1-0 at the Etihad. They maybe could have won by more if the partnership between Silva, Aguero and Tevez was found a bit earlier in the season. Next year they will come back a lot stronger after a few inevitable summer signings.

Manchester United 2nd

Key Player: Wayne Rooney

Rooney was Manchester United’s key player this season because he ┬áhad his best goalscoring season in his career so far, with 29 goals, and he is at the peak of his career. He had been quiet at some stages of the season, and his goals have made him un noticed, but without Rooney, Man United would have really struggled for goals. His link up play with Welbeck has also been a highlight of this season, but we have seen this season that he has to have a strike partner because he can’t play well as a target man. honourable mentions should go to Scholes and Valencia, for driving Man United after January.


They ‘should’ have won the League after Man City’s collapse. They were eight points clear with 5 games to go, and the United of old would have secured the title. This season they have lacked a creative midfielder, we saw bits of creativity at the beginning of the season with Cleverley and Anderson, but I feel that Ferguson needs to bring in a big name creative midfielder to boost the team. Also if Vidic was not injured for most of the year would Man United have won the title?

Arsenal 3rd

Key Player: Robin van Persie

He has carried Arsenal into 3rd place by himself. He has had a great season scoring over 30 goals in the League, and without him Arsenal wouldn’t be near 3rd place. If he had been injured they would have to toss a coin out of Chamakh and Park. van Persie could be relied on to pop up in a dull game and produce a piece of magic, which none of his other team mates can do. Arsenal will have to keep him for next year, but if Man City or Real Madrid come knocking it will be very hard to stop them.


Arsenal have had a decent season overall. They had to quickly adjust to the departures of Fabregas and Nasri, which showed in the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford. They had a very poor start to the season and many were calling for Wenger to go, but they stuck with him and started to produce halfway through the season, with Arteta and Song forming a good partnership in the middle, feeding the ball up to van Persie. They made a few brilliant comebacks this season, such as the 5-2 against Tottenham, and at times were entertaining to watch. They should be pleased with the end result.

Tottenham Hotspur 4th

Key Player: Emannuel Adebayor

Adebayor is exactly the striker that Tottenham needed this season. He has scored a lot of goals for Tottenham this season which they have vitally needed. He has a very good partnership with Bale and Lennon, making Tottenham one of the best offensive teams in the country. Tottenham will have to keep Adebayor or find a new quality striker for next year to stay where they are.


Tottenham have had a very strange season. At mid way through the season they were one of the most entertaining teams to watch, and they were challenging for the title along with the two Manchester clubs. They were 13 points ahead before the 5-2 thrashing in the hands of Arsenal, but had a seriously bad run in form and ended up struggling for fourth spot. They had a very good team this year with a strong midfield core of van der Vaart, Modric and Parker. They also have fantastic wingers in Bale and Lennon, with Adebayor as mentioned above, up top. They will have to keep these players of they are going to get anywhere near Champions League next season.

By Will Halse

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